Thanks Eric. That is what I call excellent Customer Service. I appreciate the way you two handle your business and treat your customers. You go above and beyond to make sure they are satisfied as to where most businesses do not even try to do that without a hefty price for customer support. Thanks again and we appreciate your kind and caring ways of doing business. Keep up the great work and when we get some more signs done I will try to send you some pictures to see what you think of them. Have a great day.

Fred Grover

Thank You Dave!!! It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone. I was impressed to actually get to talk to you instead of a sales person. Awesome. I am so looking forward to getting started down this new avenue of my life. I know you have helped many ppl by your videos, templates and etc. It is awesome to see someone who is willing to share with others. Its a big world and plenty to go around. Most I have run across are too jealous to do something as you have. Im proud of you and your son and feel a personal bond with you after hearing your voice. Thank you for your time, thank you for the quick shipping. May God bless you and your family everyday.


Hi guys, I’ve been wanting to learn to make signs for awhile. I’ve been searching the internet and have found ideas here and there. Good information. But then, I tripped across your site. WOW, the information on everything about routers and sign making is superior to anything else I’ve found. With viewing your videos and reading some information, my attempts have been so incredible. Your explanations and tips and tricks are the best I’ve ever come across. I can’t thank you enough for all the ideas and help. A life Fan.


Hi Dave, I received my bit yesterday and I am anxious to use it. My wife asked me to wood burn a sign for her. While exploring the Internet and YouTube videos I stumbled across your videos. I am very impressed with the details and examples that you all share from what you have experienced in the last 40 years. I watch them over and over. I hope to be as successful in time. I have a long ways to go. Watching your videos has made me interested in making this a hobby. Thank you for being supportive in helping others with learning the secrets and for the passion you have in providing excellent customer service. May God bless you, your family and company!

Jason Brady

Hi Dave, My name is Chris Major and i live in Australia. I would just like to say thank you and your son for all the hard work you both do with your videos on youtube, they have tought me a talent i did not know i had. I thought i would share one of my signs with you both and wish you a happy new year for 2014, thanks again.

Chris Major

Thank you. I thought this level of customer service no longer existed.

Anna Conway

Hi guys, just ordered a set of the recommended cutters from you and wanted to say thanks for all of the valuable information you put out on YouTube. You make it dead easy to see both whether someone has both the skills and the inclination to make signs the way you do. It takes all of the risk out of purchasing the equipment because you have shown the entire process in such detail that I can be sure I’m going to have fun. Thanks again.

Neil Brunton

Hi Dave, Thanks so much for going above and beyond. I messed up by not getting the last bit in on my first order but realized it was my error and not yours. Thanks for making the shipping adjustment. I just stumbled across your videos a few days ago and absolutely love your willingness to pass along your art form and knowledge and do it in such a way that, in these times, is a missing component of our society. (You’re just helping folks out.) You also remind me of my grandfather in the way you’ve learned to modify/engineer tools to “get the job done.” Thanks again and I’ll keep watching the youtube videos. Keep up the great work.

Greg Claassen

Thanks guys, I’ve enjoyed all of your video’s, and have played a little with carving using my router, I’m sure the future projects will come out even better with the right bits, and your helpful tips, and I’m positive the lay out will go faster with the stencil kits, rather than the free hand art I’ve been using. Thanks for the quick shipment.


Thanks Dave! I met Eric at the truck stop there in Kingman a couple weeks ago and got a bunch of letters from y’all, I didn’t even think about numbers. Anyway, thanks for all you guys do, I’m getting lots of orders in now, and people just love the finished signs, thanks to you and Eric! Thank

Doug Birkland

Greetings Dave, As I mentioned in my last e-mail, I received my bits from you the other day. I gave them a whirl today on a piece of scrap wood, using some letters sprayed with Marsh ink through a stencil. i cannot believe how incredible your bits are !!! I had been trying to use a bit set that I bought at Home Depot, with limited results. I am a total newcomer to the world of routering by the way. Needless to say, I used the profile bit, and followed with the 90*V for the cleanup. These bits are beyond fun to use ! I can’t believe I was even trying to use the store bought kit I already owned. You guys definitely know your stuff, and you also know exactly what kind of bits are needed to do the job.

Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note to say I am TOTALLY excited, and I am looking forward to starting to create some great stuff, now that I ran my first test. I’m so happy to have found you guys on the internet, and the YouTube videos are so informative, especially for someone like myself that is new to the world of routers. You guys ROCK !!


Thanks for the order update. I will be submitting an order for more bits soon. Thanks for the YouTube videos too, I’m having a good time making these signs.

Scott Sheehan

Dear Dave and Eric, First let me start by saying how pleased I was when I discovered your website and found your instructional videos. I think that you are a rare breed today, being that you are willing to take your time to share your experience and expertise with others without asking for compensation. I am aware that you do have items for sale, but I find it heartening and was pleased to find that every video is not a sales pitch. As a result I will become (as soon as I get myself set up) a customer. Sincerely;

Bob Davis

Hi Dave and Eric, On Sunday 24 march, I did my first trade fair and I had a great thought about you 2, I’m very thankful towards you for what I learn. I was the only one doing signs, and people was astounded seeing what we can do with a router, free hand. The booth was full up with people, thanks again and keep the great work. The lawn sign was a sucess too, got some orders from people who are moving in their new home.

Jean-Marc from Belgium

Hi Dave, I spent a good majority of the day watching your videos through YouTube. You and Eric make a great team! Me and my buddy have a small woodshop in my barn in Hamlin,NY and have recently started a website to offer our products. We really started the website so we could sell our products and buy more tools! Anyways, I think sign carving is right up our alley and I have learned a lot from you two…I especially learned not to visit Arizona in the summer. 110 degrees? Really? Well, I plan on ordering my letters and router bits directly from your website. It’s always good to see home grown woodworkers as I try not to buy too much from overseas…Thanks again and happy sign making!

Terry Hayes Hamlin, NY